Wow, it's finally here. The new album is finally complete! After over a year and a half in production, my instrumental band Audible Silence's new album "Three's Crowd" is finally complete. Not only are we super proud of all the material on it as musicians, but I am also personally extremely proud of the way the album turned out. Not only did I help write it as well as play drums on this album, I tracked, engineered, and produced this album myself for the first time. Initially inspired by the work and help of my friend Dan Alexander, we set to work on finding out what it means to create an album from beginning to end. The main thing we found out? It's tough! We would work for months, and then just delete what we had and start over from scratch. But we're finally happy with the result. We can only hope that you are, too. Finally, we would like to dedicate this album to our good friend Ian Jerdon. This music would not exist if not for his influence on us as a musician, and as a friend. The last song of this album, "Dual Wield Recalibration," includes a special tribute to our late friend.

Here it is: Three's Crowd!